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Data entry and processing of Freight bills
Max BPO Offers Freight Bill Verification and Entry Services, Bill Of Lading, Logistic Data Entry, outsourced logistic data entry, Logistic data entry, road freight bill of lading services

Logistics data entry services

Data entry and processing of Freight bills

Transportation and logistics are all about reaching the destination and getting the back end and movement processes right on time. Delays can lead to a loss of face, customer complaints, compliance concerns, and challenges in the entirety of operations including cash flow and overall growth of the business. The companies today are focused on leveraging technology to ensure timely communication and smooth sailing. Logistics data entry services are the core of the industry in many ways. However, data entry of logistics is a time-consuming process that requires higher proficiency in technology and availability of resources. This means incurring high costs and allocating prime resources and efforts to get the operations completed on time. Outsourcing this process could be a viable option. This means that you pay only for deliverables and can take advantage of the technology and resources available with the Business Process Outsourcing unit without actually having to invest in workforce and technology.

There are many advantages of outsourcing your fright bills data entry, or other logistics documents processes. This ensures that you can manager extra-ordinary larger volumes of data, if required, with efficiency and help increase your customer satisfaction rates, manage operational costs, and focus on the larger growth of your business. Max BPO has been serving the logistics industry for over two decades. With experienced human resources and investments in the right technology, Max BPO Outsourcing offers a range of Logistics data entry services, including the below.

  • Audits of Freight Bills
  • Processing of Freight Bills
  • Management of Contract/ Pricing/ Rate 
  • Data Entry for B3 form for the customs’ brokerage businesses
  • Data entry of Bills of landing verification
  • Processing invoices: Our freight processing involves a straightforward and straight forward transparent process.
  • You send us the invoices through your FTP or VPN or your choice of communication. These could be scanned images of invoices too.
  • Our experienced team of experts obtains all the information required and analyze it.
  • We process this information in the database in the format of choice.
  • Quality assurance processes kick in swiftly.
  • We check for any double data entries and check outputs for duplications 
  • Our error management team works on tallying this against the invoices sent as a validation effort.
  • This processed data is sent back to you in an electronic format of choice.

Max BPO Offers Freight Bill Verification and Entry Services, Bill Of Lading, Logistic Data Entry, outsourced logistic data entry, Logistic data entry, road freight bill of lading services

As a Business Outsource Processing firm for a range of freight and logistics services, we have provided cost-effective solutions to agencies and business involving transportation including logistics companies, e-Commerce and trading organizations. There is a range of reasons why you should choose Max BPO for outsourcing data entry of Freight bills and processes within the transportation industry.

  • 22 to 36 hours of turnaround times ensure smooth sailing of Logistics operations for you.
  • Twenty-two years of unparalleled experience within the sector places us among the top rung of Logistics BPO choices for you.
  • Cost-effective services delivered by us ensure you only pay for deliverables.
  • Our investment in technology ensures you experience smooth and timely communications.
  • A dedicated team that works round the clock provides you deliverables and answers to your queries within your time zone or when you seek answers. This means you can leverage our team without having to invest in an experienced workforce and still pay a fraction of what you would pay an in-house team.
  • Quality assurances and accuracy of 99% achieved over a more significant period means we have our processes in order, and our team specializes in ensuring quality deliverables for logistics.
  • Data security processes, checks beyond internal and external audits implies that you are assured of your privacy and protection of your invaluable data in place.

Our Logistics data entry and processing ensures you have data at hand which is easy to store and access anytime and our audits provide that you enjoy amazing rates of accuracy and quality assurance. So, while you focus on your broader goals, we ensure you get enough time and resources while we act as an extension of you, giving you virtual control over a team dedicated to your efforts and processes. Outsourcing is a beneficial process, and when you outsource your freight processes to Max BPO, you get the assurance of partnering with an experienced team that works towards your cost efficiency and time-bound processes, while allowing you the leverage of gaining benefits of technology without having to invest into it.