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MAXBPO – Premium & Reliable Global Outsourcing Company to Meet Your Every Need

MAXBPO is an (ISO 9001:2008) certified company active in different industries across UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and Bermuda. We are the global outsourcing service providers offering services Customer Life Cycle Management, Back-Office Solutions, Digital Publishing, and Debt Collection. Our BPO solutions assist the companies to increase their operational efficiency through implementation of value generating, cost effective back-office and contact processing centers.

Established in 1997 in New Delhi India, MAXBPO have been serving customers for more than 18 years now with 500+ satisfied customers with the numbers rapidly expanding. We are known for our industry specific and customer centric business solutions that meet your strategic goals. Our seasoned and robust team of professionals renders trending solutions and services through social media and analytics to help businesses capture profitable opportunities while strengthening their customer networks in dynamic and challenging corporate structure.

Our services for our global clients

Our inbound call center services include web and why support for complaint handling, customer enquiry, query for utility billing, insurance claims processing, and scheduling of healthcare appointment among others. Outbound services include voice and web support for telemarketing, debt payment collection, customer support, sales support, lead generation, sales support, customer support, market research and survey.

Digital contact center solutions are comprehensive and include data reader, digital contact e-mail, web chat, proactive click to call, and e-contact staffing. Back-office operations are domain specific services that include entry, mining, analytics, management, and conversion of data, document digitization, form processing, and accounting.

Our digital book conversions transform critical business data into eBooks to help you go paperless. We have an expert team of ePUB conversion experts that transform data from any format to ePUB3, the international standard. We have specialty in Fixed Layout conversion, Kindle, Nook, and InDesign conversions. You can read critical documents into relevant format making management and access to data even easier. Document conversion services include transformation of hard copy format into DTBook, Adobe PDF, HTML, XML, and SGML.

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