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Live Chat Support Services

As it is observed, live chat support is transforming into a smooth, convenient and efficient method/technique for marketing new products and services and also benefits in delivering timely customer service. We at MAX BPO have 20+ years of experience in dealing with customers through our exceptionally trained live chat support team, who are quick and ready to address all and whatsoever issues that the customers are facing with.

We at MAX BPO are intended to transform visitors into a customer by our effective and efficient Live Chat Support team. Our primary goal is to use time effectively and ensure that you are served efficiently. Our experts provide a customer service that you deserve. What else would you want us to showcase so that you can give a valid reason for stopping you from taking the best advantage of having a live chat support service like MAX BPO?

Our experts provide clients a wide range of live chat support services adhering to various business functions. Through our services, our clients can leverage or propel multiple avenues of communication including live chat support, to be always in touch with the pulse of customers.

The various Live Chat Support Services that we offer include:

  • Customer Support
  • Our customer support team will help you resolve problems right as they appear. It’s actually a faster means to solve problems when compared to exchanging emails.

  • Help Desk
  • Our customer support team will help you resolve problems right as they appear. It’s actually a faster means to solve problems when compared to exchanging emails.

  • Tech Support
  • We at MAX BPO will train our team to thoroughly understand the features and specifications of your products and services so that they can provide customers with technical assistance.

  • 24x7 Chat support
  • We provide round the clock live chat support services to your esteemed customers as we understand the importance of being there for customers when they really need assistance.

  • Order Taking and Tracking Chat Support
  • MAX BPO’s integrated order taking services ensures that all queries are converted into sales. We also track the order placed by the online customer and inform them via chat if they inquire.

    Why Outsource Live Chat Support Services to MAX BPO?

    • Max BPO has over 20 years of experience and expertise in providing live chat support services globally. We are an ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 27001 certified company, and we ensure that our deliverables are always of the highest quality.

    • Our services at MAX BPO are designed in a way to boost Lead Generation & Customer Satisfaction. We always focus on providing affordable pricing plans that fit all and every business needs. The services catered by our experts are measurable, where you can track the number of leads generated through our live chat support.

    • We at MAX BPO provide industry-leading analytics to integrate and enable you to optimize the online campaigns. Our experts also assist you in building a better brand reputation by helping loyal customers and spreading the awareness about the benefits of the organization.

    Quick Enquiry

    Advantages of Outsourcing Live Chat Support Services to MAX BPO:

    • We will assist the customer in completing sales by guiding them through the process.

    • We have immense experience to address your customer needs.

    • Through our services, customers can get answers to their questions instantly in real-time.

    • Our professionals will communicate online by interacting with operators for all kind of assistance.

    • We will ensure that customer get easy access to a live person, even after the sale has been made.

    Wondering as to who can offer you the best live chat support services for your business to excel? It's time to get connected - Call Us Today!