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Logistic Processing Outsourcing, Freight Bill Auditing

Logistics BPO Services and Solutions

We Provide Logistics BPO Services, Freight Bill Processing, Invoice Processing Services, Bill Of Lading Data Entry and Verification Services, Track and Tracing Services

Outsourcing logistics management helps supply chain management companies across the globe in optimizing costs and enhancing customer satisfaction. Reap the benefits of logistics process outsourcing.

Businesses now encompass nations globally and geographical boundaries no longer hold the reach of companies reaching destinations that may be poles apart to their own location. The advent of mobiles and e-Commerce globally has also given rise to businesses being browsed to buy products from international service providers. Heavy trading of goods is now the norm of the business across the planet. As consumers expect faster deliveries, businesses are more and more dependent on logistics services to ensure timely delivery, customer communication and safe arrival of products at the customer’s desired destination. Logistics are not cheap and optimizing this process defines the costs and customer satisfaction graphs, thus leading to either gains or losses. As businesses seek cost-effective solutions, the logistics BPO solutions are gaining importance by the day. Logistics BPO services act as an extended arm of the core business itself and logistics process outsourcing seems the way forward to find solutions to the challenges of safe on-time deliveries of products globally, either by road, rail, air or ocean freight solutions. Outsourcing logistics management to a third party is viable but needs to be thought of before signing on the dotted line, as this may well define your bottom line and growth of the business.

Logistics BPO services in India offer a viable solution for logistics and supply chain management when seeking a robust Logistic BPO solution.

With its young, educated and hard working workforce and cheaper telecommunications, and knowledge of the vast network of logistics, India is well placed to offer solutions for your challenges. As you look for logistics BPO services in India, you would have a number of choices to go with, allowing you the bandwidth and choice of a vendor, but you would need a careful examination of credibility and talent of the workforce with the logistics BPO firm to take the final call.

Max BPO offers quality solutions for outsourcing logistics management.

Max BPO helps customize your freight logistical solutions to ensure enhancement of efficiency of your supply chain management. With over two decades of experience, a global reach, a well defined workforce that has the expertise in logistics management, Max BPO provides bespoke solutions, ensuring big savings in expenses, a higher customer satisfaction rate, timely deliveries, a robust reporting system and the choice for you to pay for deliverables and not processes, while ensuring you a dedicated workforce that works round the clock for you. We cover both- core and support services for freight solutions, and offer you a clear edge over your competition. 

Road logistics solutions

The costs of oil have been on the rise and the global business climate has been a worrying factor, thus optimizing your road freight allows you the benefit of lower costs, which may be passed on to your customer to get you an edge over competition and help you on your bottom lines. We drive substantial growth for your business. 

How do we define less than truckload (LTL) and full truckload (TL) as the two elements crucial to road freight solutions?

When the truck does not fill up to capacity it is termed as less than truckload (LTL) shipping, whereas when the space or weight is full/ optimized for a truck those are defined as full truckload (TL) shipments. It is imperative to optimize your cargo based on space or weight and then find the best cost-effective and timely delivery solutions for you. Whether you would like to share the truck with other loaders when you don’t have a full capacity load will often help optimize costs. The balancing act of ensuring timely delivery is always a question you seek here to ensure shipments are not delayed.

The core logistics solutions for road cover a range of custom solutions

  • Freight BOL-  Bill of Landing
  • Freight Audits and Payment processes
  • Processing Invoices
  • Road logistics solutions

Ocean Logistics’ solutions

Ocean shipments are trustworthy and cost-effective and heavily relied upon as an option for shipment that does not promise too quick a delivery, or for large shipments to help reduce freight costs. Our global affiliations and experience help you optimize costs and ensure smooth functioning of freight solutions.

The core logistics support solutions for ocean shipping cover a range of services

  • Ocean Freight Audit and Payment
  • Ocean Freight Invoice Processing

Air Logistical solutions

Air freight is faster, yet there are challenges including higher costs and unpredictable schedules, hence it is important for you to cover these challenges when looking at air freight solutions. We help secure your positions here as we cover a wider global reach and help you get priority to help you with efficient solutions.

The Core Airway Logistics Support for Air solutions cover the below services

  • Air Waybill Processing
  • Freight Audit and Payment
  • Invoice Processing

Logistic Processing Outsourcing, Freight Bill Auditing

Rail Logistical solutions

Customized rail solutions and a skilled and experienced workforce allow you to make the most of rail transport, which is a reliable solution for cost-effective shipment and a timely inter-city connectivity. Max BPO provides you with the edge you need for rail logistics.

The Core Airway Logistics Support for the Rail solutions cover the below services

  • Freight Audit and Payment
  • Invoice Processing

Freight Logistics Support Services encompass the below range of services on offer

  • Freight Bookings
  • Managing Back Office Data 

Call Centre Services

  • Inbound Call Centre
  • Outbound Call Centre
  • Customer Helpdesk
  • Freight Booking Administration services
  • Emergency on-road Services
  • Services/ Price Enquiries
  • Driver Accidents’ Help Desk

Finance and Accounting processes

  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable

Credits and Collection processes

  • Payroll Processing
  • Financial Planning and Analysis

Other Support processes

  • IT Support services
  • E-commerce support and management

Having Max BPO as your partner for logistics provides you with immense benefits of custom solutions, lower costs, outsourcing back-office without having to hire in-house resources and use of technology that enables efficiency in the business processes and a wide reach and expertise within the Logistics industry which strengthens you as a brand and helps your growth spike while you focus on your core business processes and expansion plans.

Quality and Compliance

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ISO 27001:2013 Certified

HIPAA Compliant