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Across various organizations on an average, employees mostly dedicate about 4 hours a day searching for information they require. This is quite common in most of the organizations worldwide. The reason being that the critical business information is misplaced and scattered across different files and manually stored in papers. This will directly affect the performance and profit levels of the company. If this is what you’re currently going through, then its time you outsource this daunting task of data scanning service to our team at MAX BPO.

MAX BPO is one of the top pioneers in India with over 18 years of experience, and we have etched our names among the top competitors by providing our loyal customers with the best scanning services. The data scanning services at MAX BPO are affordable and are of high quality. We merge both modern and sophisticated scanning technologies which include Large Format Color Scanners and Flatbed Scanners to provide custom solutions as per our client’s requirements.

MAX BPO Outsourcing Data Scanning Process includes the following steps

    Document Arrangement

    Our experts are trained to meticulously arrange documents in a pre-defined order to make the data scanning process rapid and accurate.

    Document Scanning

    We at MAX BPO use high-speed Flatbed scanners to scan our client’s paper documents. Our experts monitor and adjust the documents according to scanning parameters so that the best possible image is captured.

    Document Re-organization

    MAX BPO’s team of quality assurance professionals will look into the quality of the scanned images by analyzing the clarity and accuracy of the scanned files.

Why Outsource Data Scanning Services to MAX BPO?

  • We will help you easily access and retrieve information when required with the help of our indexing and archiving solutions. Through our services, you can digitally store the information contained in paper documents. We at MAX BPO will enable you to maintain and update information whenever needed easily.

Advantages of Outsourcing Data Scanning Services to MAX BPO:

  • We at MAX BPO have 18+ years of experience in handling and catering data scanning services.

  • MAX BPO is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.

  • In order to save space, we eliminate or minimize the use paper files

  • Collaborating with us at MAX BPO will help you reduce the operating costs of maintaining paper documents

  • Our systems will help you to gain quick access to your digitized document.

  • By partnering with us, there is no way you can lose or misplace your information

  • Our experts will review your digital documents to analyze information.

  • We will conduct research to understand your business performance, the market, and your customers

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