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Documents Indexing and Archiving Services

Document indexing is the process of organizing documents with different “search” terms. Document indexing is one of the key factors of a successful document management implementation.

Max BPO have been assisting businesses for over 2 decades in organizing their process of accessing, searching and retrieving information in a simpler way. We extract pertaining &essential information to prepare a well-indexed document. We enhance the utilization of a database with our Document Archiving Services. We effectively use advanced recognizing software and other cutting-edge technologies to ensure that increasing volumes of business data do not pose a challenge. Our extensive team utilizes their experience in media and document archiving and image tagging.

Using our document indexing services will ensure to shift your focus on essential functions of your business. We serve our clients with a wide range of images, documents, and other text files.

Our comprehensive range of Documents Indexing & Archiving starts from:

  • Document Indexing

  • Meta Data Indexing

  • Invoice Indexing

  • Keyword Indexing

  • Books, Medical & Dental Records

  • Manuals & Journals

  • Catalog & Newsletter

  • Debit & Credit Notes

  • Scanned Images

  • HTML Documents

Key benefits of Outsourcing Document Indexing & Archiving services to MAX BPO:

  • Get access of trained staff

  • Get access to unmatched accuracy rate of 99.5%

  • Get an access of smart way to reduce operating cost

  • Allocate your resources and staff for core business activities

  • Adherence of ISO 9001: 2008 for high quality

  • Stringent security measures to safeguard your information

  • 24/7 operations to offer time zone advantage

  • Drastic saving on operational cost

  • A great customer satisfaction

We Follow The Best Practice:

    We are an ISO 9001 and 27001 certified entity. We strictly follow the international standard developed by ISO for unrivaled quality and data security. We guarantee 99.5% accurate results. We utilize secure File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or Virtual Private Network (VPN) for the transaction of documents. We work round the clock for instant customer support.

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