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Online Office Executive Assistant Solution from MaxBpo

Senior management must supervise business critical yet irrelevant tasks from time to time. This is vital for their portfolio management. Such tasks might be complicated or simple based upon the nature and the time it takes. Preparation for huge business deals involves much more than airtight presentations by senior executives. They also need to handle hotel and travel bookings at location of the deal.

The management must rely upon PAs heavily for efficient work handling. Our virtual executive assistant provides a fantastic alternative to this. They offer cost effective and highly efficient solutions tailored to your needs. The executives would do intensive research to get an in-depth organizational knowledge.

We have the needed attributes – confidentiality and discretion. Our team provides the complete range of duties online as required by the organizations. This includes,

  • Data filing and management

  • Reservation, booking and arrangement of necessary travel document

  • Filtering, receiving, and scanning inquiries and phone calls and thereafter appropriate addressing

  • Organizing meeting

  • Appointment setting, maintaining diaries, and organization

  • Correspondence handling and database management

  • Maintaining and implementing administrative systems/procedures

  • We have the complete range of virtual assistant services in India for clients spread across a variety of sectors. Hiring our virtual assistants is quite simple and they are efficient in multi-task: schedule appointments, answer calls and much more. You can enjoy cost effective, proactive, and efficient services. We are dedicated to assisting clients in increasing the targets of their business with the perfect services that meet your budget and needs.

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