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Telecommunications Industry
Telecommunications Industry

Telecommunications Industry

Secure Lasting Relationship with Your Customers through MAX BPO Telecom BPO Services

Prevalence of social media platforms and apps are compelling telecom companies to develop new business models. The Internet service providers are also playing a vital role in game changing events. The telecom services are constantly on the lookout for enhanced customer experience to reduce the churn-rate. MAXBPO can help you fulfill your demands with outstanding Telecom BPO Services. Our all-round Business Process Management services can transform your productivity while handling myriads of challenges.

We have helped hundreds of telecommunication companies provide excellent customer experience with more than a decade of presence in telecommunications outsourcing services. We can help you implement flawless Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategies.

Why Outsource Telecom BPO Services to MAX BPO?

We offer customized solutions aligning with your company’s culture and necessities with our innovative, fruitful and non-erroneous telecommunication outsourcing services.

Billing Services

We can systematically manage your customs invoices with our organized telecom back office solutions. Our dedicated personnel complete all their tasks with 100% accuracy while maintaining optimum speed.

  • Our efficient billing modules can meet the demands of your tech-savvy customers with equal efficiency.
  • We can efficiently consolidate and update the accounts while managing fraudulent entries.
  • Our trained personnel also perform inquiries related to billing without upsetting your customer.

Sales & Acquisition

We understand how important it is to engage with your potential and current customer base. Hence, the ‘Sales and Acquisition strategy’ is a vital part of telecommunications solutions at MAXBPO .

  • We can engage with your customers through a variety of inbound and outbound channels.
  • We assist in revenue-generation by nurturing and strengthening the relationships with customers.
  • We can efficiently perform inbound B2B/B2C sales and track inbound orders being a direct-response call center.
  • MAXBPO outbound call-center services can perform outbound B2B/B2C sales with equal efficiency.
  • Starting from the lead generation to lead support, we can complete all the tasks related to telecom business process outsourcing services. We can complete all these tasks with voice/non-voice customer interactions on both the online and mobile platforms.

Multi-Channel Communication

We perform all these operations while strictly adhering to the guidelines of data-security measures. You can trust us with your valuable information; our certificate attests to our efficiency. Our diversified resources and services can satisfy all the demands of modern telecommunication industry

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