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Phone, Chat, Email Customer Support from Virtual Assistant

Nothing kills the progress of tasks done by working teams than interruption through phone calls. Replies to emails from potential first-time customers when pending can have a devastating impact on your marketing endeavors. Maintaining in-house team for managing chat support is quite expensive as you need to be present 24 x 7. If you decide to serve 24 x 7, it is a quite expensive and takes a huge proportion of your revenue.

Our phone, chat, email customer support solutions for businesses are the best in class and available 24/7/365. This means that your office staff can concentrate on the core tasks while leaving customer support to our highly competent team

Phone support:

  •   Inbound & Outbound Call Center Services

  •   Booking & Reservation

  •   Order Management

  •   Customer Care

  •   Customer Acquisition

  •   Customer Retention

  •   Technical Support & Helpdesk

  •   Lead Generation

  •   Tele-Marketing

  • Email and chat support:

  •   24 hours chat service

  •   Email management and support

  •   Instant messaging, personal messaging and bulk messaging

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